Comedy Central continuity examples

Hope you've all copped a look at the Comedy Central rebrand reel I uploaded last week, i'm so glad to have it finished, out there and (hopefully) impressing people. Following on from that, i've cut another reel, highlighting our new on-air 'visual continuity' that I explained on here before. It's a pretty fundamental aspect of our rebrand, and one which we're able to have a lot of fun with. We essentially create tonnes of different audio beds - bizarre, comedic, sometimes random, sometimes themed. We use these audio mixes along with bespoke animation to inform our viewers of programme and tune-in information. I've included several of our best examples in the compilation, hopefully it gives people a idea of how entertaining they can be when they pop up on the channel. It really is great fun to do and it's only really in it's first phase, it'll be interesting to see where we go with it after we've had some time to evolve and refine it.

Special shout to Leona Lee who does the day-to-day running of tings!